Quotes about Paul

Some quotes from people who knew him
‘he never allowed me to get despondent and he always had something positive to say’
‘I will never forget his selfless generosity and the brilliant times we shared together’
‘Paul taught me to live life to the full and the biggest promise I will make is to do just that!’
‘None of us will forget his amazing smile or his life embracing way of being’
‘your spirit surrounds us, you blow with the wind, you shine in the light and you swim with the ocean,
‘your boisterous chuckle echoes in my thoughts, the waft of charcoal and spiced lamb from your legendary barbecues drift on the breeze and the hue of the sea glistens in your eyes,
‘I remember Paul’s selfless and infectious ways.........I loved the way Paul never let me take myself too seriously and always listened or passed the time with me as though he had all the time in the world for me, his heart was so big and went out to so many..’
‘that generosity of his is a legacy all of us who knew him share’
‘my memories will always be cherished with the happiness your son gave me, whatever we did he was full of energy and joy’
‘always a pleasure to meet or bump into, someone always ready to make conversation, show interest and be interesting’
‘such a lovely person, always happy and smiling and brilliant with the children’
‘He embodied the spirit of South Dartmoor; energy, enthusiasm, passion and commitment; style and high achievement’
‘There is no doubt in my mind that without that year in Swansea and the friendship and influence of your son, I would not be living the life I am now. Your son, quite simply, changed my life.’