Paulo's Birthday Gather

A group of us gathered at Porthcothan on Saturday, August 6th, which would have been Paul's 33rd birthday. Fun on the beach, a BBQ and the odd glass of liquid made the basis of a very enjoyable day. Some camped and stayed on in what must be one of the most beautiful places on the north Cornish coast.



Memorial Fund a Beneficiary

Paul learnt to surf in Cornwall as a child and one of his surfing mentors during summer holidays at Porthcothan was Mark Newcombe. Sadly Mark died in January and his family asked that instead of flowers people could make a donation to the Paulo Memorial Fund. The total amount collected was £700. We are grateful for this generous donation made in the memory of Mark.


Brrr Paddle Race 2015

The 2015 Brrr Paddle Race, moved from Saturday, September 26th 2015 to another date proved to be too difficult to arrange because of work and family commitments. A gather on the date of Paul's birthday in 2016 will happen instead.

Further information will be available from the Brrr Events Page on Facebook.


Bristol Surf Film Festival

This year in November myself and some friends put on the inaugural Bristol Surf Film Festival, which was dedicated to the memory of Paul. It has started out as an idea to show a couple of films in a pub to raise funds for charity. However, a short way into arranging this we realised that while Bristol often plays host to surf film screenings, there was no surf film festival per se and this seemed crazy. Bristol is a creative city with a large and very active surfing community. If London could have a surf film festival, Bristol had to! So that's what we called it.

With that title we had given ourselves something to live up to but I could not have expected or even hoped for the level of support and enthusiasm that came with it. Local businesses got behind us and we sold out of tickets two weeks before the night! With over 100 people coming from as far away as Cornwall and London it was nerve racking to say the least.

However in the true Pozza spirit the good vibes flowed and karma was with us. The night was buzzing with the excitement of seeing some of the biggest international surf film hits of 2014 alongside the raw creativity of home grown talent, all on the big screen.

We raised money for charity and we had an awesome time while we did it. I also got to meet some inspiring people and gain experiences That I will take with me for life. This year's festival laid the foundations for what I hope will become an annual event and continue to honour Paul's life and memory

Hugh Johnson


Brrr Paddle Race 2014

This year's paddle race happened on Saturday, August 30th, starting at Aveton Gifford and finishing at Bantham Quay. This year there were a couple of tasks to complete on the way and we had a staggered start to enable more accurate time recording. The photos shows all the Paddlers just before the race started.

What a brilliant day it was, well done the Paddlers, congratulations to Hannah Goodman the event organiser, thanks for the brilliant food supplied by the Boswell Team after the race on the campsite.

The overall winning team was  the Dynamic Duo, namely Adam Howarth and Joe Goddard.

The day was a great success and it was really good for people to get together and take part in enjoyable event, although some were complaining about sore legs and arms!


Memorial Bench for Paul in Ashburton's Recreation Ground

Ashburton's new all concrete skate park is now finished and in use. The first skate park ( metal ramps on a tarmacadum base) was instigated by Paul and two of his friends Jamie O'Brien and Tom Hyde. Paul's father Peter  officially opened the new skate park on July 30th and the Paulo Memorial Fund has paid for a Memorial Bench, which has been sited next to the skate park. PMF will also fund some demos and practice sessions. 

The memorial bench has been installed.


BRR Paddle Race 2013

The teams ready to go Even the drizzle couldn't dampen spirits at this year's BRR paddle race. On the weekend of 21st/22nd September, friends and family of Paulo gathered in a field in Devon ready to embark on an epic 3.5 mile paddle down the beautiful estuary from Aveton Gifford to Bantham.

The night before the race was spent in apt preparation for such an event, with feasting courtesy of Jo, Hugo and Steve on the Moroccan BBQ, music thanks to Joey G and Edd and much merriment courtesy of us all. The next morning, bright and (obscenely) early for a Sunday Peter Brewer turned up in the speed machine that was the South Dartmoor Community College mini bus, to be pleasantly surprised by the sight of the teams ready and raring to go. Or at least awake and dressed.
On the wayWe were shuttled to the launch site, where 19 boats were inflated and 38 brave sports women and men took to the water, flanked by a cheery lifeguard team. The conditions were fine, and minus Richard Rowe's attempts to capsize various vessels, the race went without a hitch. The paddle down was beautiful and speedy, with the winning team of Olly Cox and Andy Egford arriving just as the spectators made it to the dock.

Once back at the campsite, the fabulous Boswell's again fed the hungry teams and the afternoon was spent catching up with faces old and new. Peter presented the beautiful handmade trophy to Olly on behalf of his team and Eileen was on hand with her wonderful knitwear raising funds for PMF - over £200 has now been raised this summer by Eileen's super fast knitting needles.

Overall £140 was raised for PMF in donations, on top of knitwear sales, and a truly brilliant time was had by all - it was great to get together in Paulo's memory and spirit and a wonderful reminder of why we do so. The event will now become an annual race, with next year's entrants raising sponsorship for the fund.

After the raceHuge thanks must go to Hannah who organised the whole weekend, putting in many hours of hard work to make sure it all went without a hitch, well done Hannah! Thanks also to Jo, Hugo and Steve for bringing the Moroccan BBQ all the way from the Isle of Wight and keeping the hungry masses well fed as always. Thanks to Edd Railton and Joey G for providing musical entertainment and thanks of course to everyone who attended and made it such a special event!

With love from all at PMF xxx


BYP goes surfing!

The outcome of the PMFA's Committee decision to think local resulted in a surfing trip for young people from the Bank Youth Project in Ashburton, known as BYP, on Saturday, September 21st, the day before BRRR Paddle Race. A group were transported by mini-bus to Bantham where they received a 2 hour surf lesson with all equipment provided from the Bantham Surf Academy. 


PMFA Committee thinks local!

In April of this year at a meeting of the Paulo Memorial Fund Committee members decided to support something local to Ashburton. Their were two proposals:

  1. to set up an introduction to surfing experience for members of the local youth club called the bank Youth Project and known as BYP.
  2. to support "Rollers' a project that has raised the necessary funds to build a new skatepark in Ashburton, by funding instruction sessions for various levels of skateboarders and maybe siting a bench in memory of paul on the site. Paul was one of the instigators of the original skatepark in Ashburton.

The next PMFA Committee Meeting is on Sunday November 24th 2013.


Shanty's Ancient Mariner wows crowd

Harry in full songThe Shanty Theatre Company’s performance of ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ to support the Paulo Memorial Fund, made the evening of Sunday October 14thin the hall of South Dartmoor Community College a magical occasion.

The performanceThe show, an entirely new re-imagining of the nautical classic, with storms, holy hermits, a ghostly galleon, silly sailors, live original music and an albatross had the audience (ages ranging from 3 years to 70 years) spellbound.

Cast and albatrossThe acting was superb, the music wonderful and the set, props and lighting quite magical – all of which paved the way for a hugely entertaining and very funny couple of hours. Actors changed costumes in seconds as the tale weaved back and forth from the scene of a wedding to the Mariner’s story becoming live. An epic voyage superbly told.

Shanty once again showed themselves to be hugely generous, they travelled many miles and gave their performance for love not money. The PMF information stall This, aided by a free performance space at South Dartmoor, enabled PMF to add an amazing £770.00 to its coffers.

Huge thanks to everyone at Shanty, to South Dartmoor Community College and to everyone who came and supported on the night.  


Paulo's birthday and the PMF meeting

Some of Paul's family and friends at the bench On the weekend of the 4th of August friends and family gathered in Porthcothan to celebrate what would have been Paul’s 29th birthday.

People came from far and wide to spend time in the place where the Paul, family and childhood friends spent many a holiday over the years, and on the Sunday we all got together (sheltering in the rain) in the Brewer Caravan for the PMF committee meeting. The meeting looked back at recent fantastic events (Paulo’s fiesta and The Paddle Race) and discussed ideas for the next events (watch this space!) as well as going over the totals still left in the fund (over £2,000) and where these could be used. The minutes and full details will be coming soon.

After the meeting we braved the outside world and all met at the bench, which is looking amazing since its repair and after some weathering.

It looked as if it was going to be a stormy weekend of typical British weather, but we were rewarded by an amazing Sunday afternoon of blissful sunshine and swimming in crystal blue waters. It was a great weekend to all be together, remembering the amazing Paulo and to pay tribute to him in a place where he was always so happy.

Love to all



Paulo's Fiesta 2012

On the 13th of July, friends and family of Paulo gathered at the beautiful Boswell Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight for a weekend tribute to Paul.

Paulo’s fiesta  was packed with great music, dancing, delicious tagines, a huge bonfire, some questionable face painting and a whole lot of chai! An amazing time was had by all as we got together to remember the boy we all knew and loved so well, and celebrated his life, and life in general.




Highlights from this wonderful event included great gigs by Will Carter, Jo and Hugo Boswell, and funky beats masterminded by Fergal McBride; the giant bonfire that burned brightly all weekend; Timmy Mallet entertaining us all; a team of tiger faces rampaging through the site; an impromptu late night acoustic woodland gig; Chai Sharona going mobile; questionable early morning tennis skills and most importantly the many many tagines cooked by the wonderful Boswells (in the rain no less) feeding all the guests for a stupendous sit down meal on Saturday.

The weekend embodied all that was great about Paul, and about his attitude to life, there was so much joy, dancing, sharing of food and most importantly friends all together having a brilliant time. His spirit could be felt across the whole weekend.


Huge thanks must go to the Boswell family as well as Lily, Mel and the whole Paulo’s fiesta team for putting on such a special weekend. And of course thanks to all those who came along and made the fiesta what it was. Donations were good and we made a £650.00 profit for the fund.

See you all in the field next year!  

Be good, be careful, be kind



PMF Paddle Race

The paddlers take to the waterOn Sunday 1st July the BRR Paddle Race took place at Bigbury in Devon. A Team of 19 of Paul’s friends took part, raising fantastic funds for LifeWorks, a charity encompassing many of Paul’s values; at the same time a great day was spent by many of his friends and family.

The day was a huge success with over £3000 being raised for LifeWorks, phenomenal fundraising! There were 17 official entries, with two others joining in for the fun of it on the day.

The winner's trophyThe winner's trophy designed and made by Barney Watson was presented by Peter Brewer to the winner Andy Eggford. Dale Adams came second as well as being declared winner of the best fancy dress, Hugo Boswell came 3rd closely followed by his sister Jo who was the first female competitor home. In fifth place came Richard Rowe alias Johnny Bravo followed by Sebastian Milton (The Floater). In seventh place Paul Longdon (Nod if you want to go faster) closely followed by Barney Watson, then in came the second female competitor to finish, Candy Field, closely followed by Ed Railton and then Hannah Goodman who - the organiser of this excellent event, thank you Hannah. After Hannah in came Seamole(James Kent) followed by Tristan ‘Tbone’ Longdon and Gratis Growler(Mike Gratton). Dan Worthington was not far behind and was pursued by Haydn Webb and Senor Fish (Luke Whiting).


The racers in actionAfter a sterling effort  all the competitors were presented with a certificate confirming they had taken part in the PMF Burgh Island Paddle Race 2012. The original idea had been for competitors to paddle around Burgh Island, but as the time to start the race approached the Lifeguards ruled that the sea was too rough on the far side of the island. The route was changed to paddling out to the island and then following a long circular line of buoys back to the beach.

the team after the race!A raffle was organised to help pay some of the expenses and the Paddlers were treated to a BBQ superbly cooked by celebrity chef Olly Cox.

Well done to the competitors, well done to the supporters who came along and especially well done to Hannah for putting together such a great day!


The bench has been restored!

The bench with its new uprightsPaulo’s memorial bench has been beautifully restored!
On March 31st 2011 a handbuilt bench in memory of Paulo was placed overlooking Porthcothan beach. This wonderful memorial, enjoyed by many, is a fitting tribute to Paul's character and spirit. Late December 2011 someone inexplicably vandalised the bench, sawing off the three uprights. You can find out more in the news article.

The restored benchOn hearing about the shocking vandalism people rallied around and money was raised to fix the bench. Thanks to people’s kind donations, and Joe and Tom’s hard work this has now been completed.

The uprights had to be replaced on the bench, and they will over time change colour and blend in with the rest of the bench.


Benji and the bench

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, especially Joe and Tom. We look forward to everyone enjoying the bench, and the wonderful spot it is in, over the summer and for years to come.


PMF Morocco trip 2012

On Friday 30th March three intrepid explorers (Sebby, Greener and Ruth) set off from Plymouth bound for the coast of Morocco, armed with a white van, a dubious sense of direction, and thankfully a satnav they were carrying precious cargo  of 20 surfboards, 40 wetsuits, a skateboard, a bodyboard, footballs, volleyballs, football bibs, cones, a football goal, a volleyball net and art equipment to donate to Club Royal de Surf Solidaire, an amazing club that Surf Maroc work closely with, and where Paulo was intending to start volunteering.

Surf Maroc - the view from the balcony

4 days and 2,000.1 miles (exactly) later they rolled into the beautiful town of Taghazoute, where Paulo lived and worked until his passing in March 2010. Sleep deprived and slightly smelly the team received fantastic hospitality from Paulo’s friends at Surf Maroc, and met with Claire and Dan who flew down.  

The next day we all went to visit Abdullah at his amazing club Club Royal de Surf Solidaire and transfer the contents of the van into very deserving hands.  Abdullah was overwhelmed with the donations, as were the kids who helped us unload.


Kids at the clubClub Royal de Surf Solidaire is a gathering place for local kids who in exchange for beach cleaning, get to learn to surf and take part in other activities, which they would otherwise be unable to do. Most of the kids come from very poor families, and Abdellah also feeds and looks after them - it is a place of sanctuary for local children. The mass of equipment that PMF donated and delivered to the club will make a huge difference to the kids, and to what they are able to learn.

Unloading the vanThe team then had a few days relaxing in Taghazoute, attempting a few surfs, mainly foiled by inability (Scruff) or rubbish waves (Greener and Sebby), eating delicious food, doing yoga classes, walking, swimming and taking in the atmosphere of such a wonderful place.  It was amazing and emotional to see where Paulo was living, and to see how much he must have loved it, and how much everyone there loved him. We got a real sense of Paulo wherever we went.

The kids playing football with the new equipmentOn the Friday the team met with Abdullah to do an official presentation of the donations. Around 50 of the clubs members were there and over the course of the afternoon we witnessed some amazing football skills (happily using all the new equipment) as well as some serious resourcefulness as a shelter was erected for the evening to protect everyone from the strong wind.

The shelter being madeThat evening we were all treated to a beautiful meal cooked by Abdullah and some of the kids. 60 of us all dined together in the brand new shelter, on delicious chicken tagine from shared plates, lashings of mint tea and some very sugary cakes to keep us all going! The kids gave us a very enthusiastic and loud thank you, and the team and Abdullah we able to discuss all the work the project does, and both how amazing we all think the work he does is, and just how grateful Abdullah and the kids are for the donations. Abdullah had huge respect for Paulo and this has inspired an annual ‘Paul Simon Brewer’ festival of surfing, beach cleaning and celebration, which will be held at the end of this month, so watch this space for more info!

The dinnerOn Sunday the team bid a sad farewell to Taghazoute and everyone we had met there and hit the road again, the journey home was smooth and stress free and we made it home on Wednesday to typical English weather!

The trip was an honour and an amazing experience for everyone involved. We would all like to say a huge thank you to Ollie, Vicki, Lily and Ben at Surf Maroc for looking after us so well and for all their help and great company. Another massive thanks must go to Abdullah for all the great work he does and for his wonderful hospitality.

This trip was only possible due to the fantastic hard work of Paulo’s friends and family who have been busy holding events and generating funds in Paulo’s name for the last two years. Huge thanks to everyone who has helped us out, the donations have made and will continue to make such a huge impact on the kids in Morocco (watch this space for future pro-surfers and footballers pouring out of Taghazoute and taking the world by storm), and of course, keep Paulo’s spirit alive in so many different ways.

With love, Team PMF


Pictured below- Greener, Sebby, Ruth, Abdullah, Claire and Dan at Club Royal de Surf SolidaireTeam PMF with Abdullah


Morocco Appeal

Surfboards at the club in MoroccoThe Paulo Memorial Fund are organising a trip to Morocco at the end of March and we need your help!

Some intrepid members of the committee will be driving from the UK down to Taghazout laden with surfboards, wetsuits, instruments and art materials to donate to the surf club/youth centre run by Abdellah, Club Royal de Surf Solidaire. Can you help us by donating any equipment to take down?

Club Royal de Surf Solidaire is based on Banana Beach, near one of the Surf Maroc (the company Paul worked for) sites. Run by Abdellah, the club is a gathering place for local kids who in exchange for beach cleaning, get to learn to surf and take part in other activities. Most of the kids come from very poor families, and Abdellah also feeds and looks after them - it is a place of sanctuary for local children.

Kids in Morocco taking part in a beach clean Paulo was going to start volunteering with Abdellah at the club on his days off - to able to continue to support the project with funds raised in his name is both relevant and poignant.

This project represents many of Paul’s values, as well as his interest in surfing. The club encourages people to fulfil potential alongside overcoming possible barriers such as background and poverty.

Please get in touch if you have anything you think we could take down to the project, or if you want to donate to the Paulo Memorial Fund please email us on


Memorial bench restoration appeal

The bench as it wasOn March 31st 2011 a handbuilt bench in memory of Paulo was placed overlooking Porthcothan beach. This beautiful memorial, enjoyed by many, was a fitting tribute to Paul's character and spirit. Late December 2011 someone inexplicably vandalised the bench, sawing off the three uprights. You can find out more in the news article.

We have now met with the bench's creator, Joe Delfont, and come up with a plan to restore the bench. The only way to do this is to replace the three uprights entirely (but not quite as tall as before). The middle one will be made wider so the plaque can be recessed into it.Where the bench has been vandalised

This project will cost around £400, can you help us reach this and restore the memorial to its former glory?

If you can help, you can send a donation to the fund stating it is for the bench repair project.

We aim to do the repairs in late March/early April - watch this space and thanks for everyones' support and help.


Sad news about the memorial bench at Porthcothan



The beautiful bench beforeOn March 31st 2011, five of us installed Joe Delfont's beautifully designed and handcrafted bench, made from green oak and chestnut, on private land overlooking Porthcothan Bay as a memorial to our son, Paul Simon Brewer. Paul was tragically killed in a road accident in March 2010 whilst in Morocco.  Porthcothan Bay was where Paul spent every summer as a child and where he learnt to surf, a sport in which he became accomplished and had a passion for up until his untimely death. The bench is on private land which has a public right of way over it, namely the coastal path. 

Countless numbers of people have been to sit on the bench, admire the craftsmanship and the wonderful view from it. His family and friends enjoyed the uniqueness of the bench, which reflected Paul's own unique character, charm and infectious spirit which made such an impression on so many people. A line from a poem that was written for Paul by Allan Sutton was due to be hand-carved on the seat “ And all who were touched feel the beat still resounding, still rounding the earth, a perpetual wave...”

The bench after the mutilationOn December the 27th or 28th 2011 someone who obviously thinks they are above the law, has no care or understanding of Paul's family and friends, inexplicably and arrogantly sawed off the three uprights from the bench, the centre one held the memorial plaque, which was cut from the wood and left under the bench, the sawn off wood was nowhere to be seen. 

Reactions from Paul's friends and family sum up the effect this senseless act has had on the wide range of people who knew and loved Paul and enjoyed the bench as a way to honour his memory. 

"So sad to hear this -I don't understand how anyone could have so little understanding in what effect this could have on Paul's loved ones - hopefully one day this person will feel some remorse xx" - Fiona 

''Premeditated and senseless, what could they possibly gain from that. Bewildered and saddened." - Peter

The bench as it sadly is now''I really hope something can be done to repair the beautiful bench. I was seriously impressed with the craftsmanship and wow what a view! We must not let an idiotic vandal spoil our enjoyment of it. Keep me updated and I hope that nothing like that ever happens again.'' - Steve

''absolutely staggering. There are some awful people around. We are so sorry to hear this. will be thinking of u all as always.'' - Dave and Di

Why someone decided to do this is beyond our understanding, if they wanted to hurt and offend a lot of people, they have succeeded.

Peter Brewer




Paulo's Memorial Fund are sending 10 children to school for Christmas this year

Save the children help kids access educationPaulo's Memorial fund is helping 10 children living in poverty get an education.

The fund has donated £210 to Save the Children, which is the equivalent of 10 school places for kids who would not usually be able to access education - often their parents cannot even put food on the table, so sending their child to school seems impossible. Find out more at Save the Children

Watch this space for more donation news on a project we will be supporting which helps refugees in Swansea, and updates on how the fund intends to work with Abdellah's - helping kids living in poverty in Morocco.


Funds find a good home - in Morocco

Paulo’s Memorial Fund is donating £5,000 towards buying equipment for the Club Royal de Surf Solidaire in Morocco!Abdellah and some of the kids

THERE IS NOW A CHANGE OF PLAN. The purchase of a mini bus has proved too complex and too expensive. In consultation with the club the greatest help would be to purchase a range of equipment for the children and young people in the club - surf boards ( a mixture of foamies, swell boards and sturdy boards), wetsuits (a range of sizes from small to large) stationary fror schooling, art materials and musical instruments. The plan is to gather the equipment over here and then take it in a van or trailer to the Club Royale, spend a couple of days with the kids and then travel back to the UK. We think the return trip will take about a week and we plan to start on March 31st 2012.

Club Royal de Surf Solidaire is based on Banana Beach, near one of the Surf Maroc (the company Paul worked for) sites. Run by Abdellah, the club is a gathering place for local kids who in exchange for beach cleaning, get to learn to suSome of the club's surfboardsrf and take part in other activities. Most of the kids come from very poor families, and Abdellah also feeds and looks after them - it is a place of sanctuary for local children.

This project represents many of Paul’s values, as well as his interest in surfing. The club encourages people to fulfil potential alongside overcoming possible barriers such as background and poverty.

Paul was going to start volunteering with Abdellah at the club on his days off - to able to continue to support the project with funds raised in his name is both relevant anThe kids doing a beach cleand poignant.

Surf Maroc have worked with the club for a few years, and support them with sponsorship.  Their help in Morocco will be invaluable and allow us to get regular feedback on the project and make sure all is going smoothly.

You can find more information about the money PMF has raised on the donations page.


Shanty performance raises the roof.

The Salty Socks of Dunkirk poster'The Mysterious and Fantastical Wartime Tale of the Salty Socks of Dunkirk' raises the roof of South Dartmoor, and a staggering £1,514.00 for the Fund.

On Sunday 16th October The Shanty Theatre Company, run by Paul's good friend Harry Long and Tim Bell, put on a special local performance their fantastic new show - The Mysterious and Fantastical Wartime Tale of the Salty Socks of Dunkirk.

A night of wonderful entertainment ensued - the school hall was packed to the rafters with faces familiar and new, all kept entertained by the fantastic cast and their inventive use of props and accents! Not only was the play superb, but it also raised just over £1,500 for Paulo's Memorial Fund! Ticket sales topped £1,100 and sales from the bar and raffle raised nearly £400. As both Shanty and SDCC donated their talents, time and space for nothing, all of this can go directly to the fund.

A huge thanks to Harry, Tim and the whole cast for such an amazing evening, and for the impact this will have on the fund.

Thanks to South Dartmoor, especially to Lin Blackman, for hosting the evening and helping so much. And many thanks to those who donated the wonderful raffle prizes.

You can find out more about the production, and about Shanty, on their website.


River Run 2011

On 28th August 2011 a motley crew of strange and wonderful inflatables took on the rapids of the Dart - The River Run 2011 was a fantastic success and raised £220 for the Paulo Memorial Fund. Well done to Seb and Beth for getting everyone in the water! Take a look at some pictures, with more coming soon...


Barney dresses to impress!

Who says you can't wear a suit and shade?

The motley crew of the River Run 2011!

Come on in, the water's fine!

Winner of the prettiest inflatable 2011

The ladies looking lovely


PMF supports 'Faces of Warm Current'

The Warm Current logoPaulo’s Memorial Fund is supporting ‘Faces of Warm Current’

‘Warm Current’ is a charity set up by a group of three friends (one of whom is John Koenig – a great friend of Paul’s from university). Whilst travelling the trio experienced a sadly familiar sight: loads of people who loved the water (or would love to know it) but simply couldn’t afford access. They also realised that people often left old wetsuits in cupboards or simply threw them away needlessly– so they decided to create a solution to solve both problems – Warm Current.

The non-profit aims to teach, inspire and support underserved communities and youth through surfing.They provide access to the ocean and encourage the pure joy of ocean sports, an appreciation of the environment and community involvement. They collect donated wetsuits at locations throughout Oregon, California, and Washington, and then distribute these wetsuits to different organizations and individuals in communities who are in need, both locally and worldwide.

Warm Current’s Goals:

    * Increase access to outdoor recreation opportunities for underprivileged individuals
    * Increase environmental awareness and stewardship within the communities we work with
    * Decrease the amount of “waste” generated by the outdoor community

The Faces of Warm Current trailerThe Faces of Warm Current

Warm Current have launched ‘Faces of Warm Current’ – for a minimum $5 donation you can upload a square containing your message or photo that will populate a large mosaic on the side of the Warm Current surf camp trailer. The money raised will be used to buy new kids surfboards, wetsuits and a trailer. The trailer (and your square) will be at all Warm Current events.

At the last Paulo’s Memorial Fund Committee meeting (3 July 2011), the group decided to donate $1,000 to the project – around £650.

It was agreed that not only did the Warm Current project do amazing work that represented and fulfilled the aims of the Paulo Memorial Fund, but also that the personal link was very fitting. John Koenig (Kansas John) had never surfed before meeting Paul in Swansea during his year abroad. John fell in love with the ocean in this year and was inspired by his new found passion, and by his friendship with Paul, to move to Oregon, surf more, and ultimately to start a project such as this.

Find out more, or make your own donation at Faces of Warm Current or check out the Warm Current website.


The Paulo Exhibition at Pozfest 2011

This year’s Pozfest played host to the first ever Paulo art exhibition, an amazing tribute to an amazing man. Masterminded by James Marren and housed in the sumptuous Chai Sharona, the exhibition was true testament to the impact Paul had on so many people.

Part of the exhibitionJames invited people to contribute a piece inspired by Paul, to be auctioned off in aid of the Paulo Memorial Fund. The response was amazing, seeing contributions from a huge range of his friends and family. The exhibition gave people a chance to be creative and to express their thoughts and feelings about Paulo and the pieces not only demonstrated how Paul’s spirit affected people from all walks of life, but also gave people a chance to reflect on Paul during the overwhelming weekend. The exhibition was a place of sanctuary, and everyone enjoyed taking in the huge diversity of work – it was a very emotional place to be, but always in a positive way.

So far the exhibition has raised close to £500 for the fund, which will have an amazing impact on the projects we are supporting (watch this space for more info soon!)

The Paulo exhibition 2011The contributing artists were – John Koenig, Hugh Johnson, Ceri Baker, Peter Brewer, Claire McKimm, Dan McKimm, Laurence Lewis, Francesca Henderson, Rob Clements, James Marren and Sam Scadgell. Thank you to you all, and of course huge thanks to James for coming up with the idea and for putting it together so beautifully.

If you still need to pay for a piece you bought over the weekend, you can do so by visiting The Paulo Memorial Fund website. 


Pozfest 2011

So, who would it have thought it would be possible to recreate the magic of Pozfest 2010?! Well.... Pozfest 2011 was on a whole new level and true testiment to the amazing things that can happen when you stick 500 brilliant people in a field together.

The spirit of Paulo was everywhere you looked, whether it was raving with the box collective and their shiny bright soundwaves; kicking back with a chai in the early hours listening to the Prince tribute man play piano while standing on his head; tucking into delicous isle of wight produce expertly bbq-ed by the crew that never seemed to stop; giving your ears a treat with the amazing collection of artists who wowed us in the main tent; or making a human pryamid in the sunshine... the list could go on and on!

Truly well done to everyone, whether you worked, played, or simply supported this amazing event by having all the fun possible.

Watch this space for a proper update and many photos coming soon (including a piece on the art exhibition that blew everyone away and raised a phenomenal amount for the fund).

So I can represent the weekend in all its glory, please send the pick of your best (and worst?!) pictures to And dont forget to check out the Pozfest Facebook page.

Massive love to you all



Paulo's bench in place

On Thursday 31 March Paulo's finished bench was placed overlooking Porthcothan Bay

Milo, Joe, Nick and Peter on the bench overlooking Porthcothan and Goldenburn

The beautiful bench was put in place by Peter, Joe Delfont, Milo Webb, Will Smith and Nick Turner.

Peter and Joe (who made the bench) sitting on it the day they put it place.

The bench looks amazing thanks to superb craftsmanship by Joe Delfont (pictured with Peter above), the colour of the wood will change as the bench weathers.

The slate inscription on the bench

Joe will carve the verse from the '4pb' poem onto the bench in the near future, and the inscription on slate is already there for all to see. You can read the poem, and see pictures of the bench in progress on the original Paulo's bench page

The bench overlooking Porthcothan and Goldenburn


Fund Raising

The Student Council of South Dartmoor Community College raise money for different causes from their mufti days. One mufti day just before February half term was dedicated to the Paulo Memorial Fund, about £500 was raised and the Student Council increased that to £1000 from their mufti day funds.   We received the cheque on March 14th. Thank you South Dartmoor.

Brrr... on New Year's Eve, as well as being a brilliant event, raised £1099  for the fund. Well done the organisers!

Affinity Search, the company Paul worked for before he went to Morocco, have a named Charity on their eChristmas cards. Christmas 2010 the chosen charity was the Paulo Memorial Fund and £330 was raised. Thank you to Jon Salt of Affinity Search. They also designed a very eyecatching logo for the Fund which they put on the Christmas Cards and have now given to us to use. You can see it on the home page.

Paul's snowboard was sold just prior to Christmas and the £150.00 received was paid into the Memorial Fund.


Paulo's bench in progress

Joe Delfont is making an oak bench to be placed overlooking Porthcothan beach where Paulo and the Brewers spent many happy holidays. The project is well underway, and looking great so far.... 

Joe Delfont working on the bench

Joe and the bench


The bench will be placed on the cliff (pictured below) at the end of March.

The spot the bench will be placed at Porthcothan

The inscription on a slate tablet will read:

Paul Simon Brewer


Lived life to the full

6th August 1983 - 4th March 2010

His spirit lives on.


The 3rd stanza of 4pb will be carved on the seat:

'And all who were touched feel the beat still resounding,
Still rounding the earth, a perpetual wave........



The second Paulo Memorial Association Committee meeting

On the 6th February 2011, the Paulo Memorial Association Committee had its second meeting.

The Committee has come together to help the living memorial to Paul become a fitting tribute to the wonderful young man that we all knew and loved. This will be by supporting projects, causes and charities that reflect Paul’s selfless attitude, his values, passions, tireless energy and generosity. There are thirteen of us, all working collectively to help keep the fund moving in the right directions and within the group there are a number of specific roles, which are in turn supported by input from everyone.

The Committee is made up of....

Peter Brewer – Chair
Eileen Brewer
Claire McKimm
Dan McKimm- Treasurer
Olly Cox – Secretary
Jo Boswell – Events Liason
Ruth Baker – Website
Seb Milton
Harry Long – Beneficiary research
Jess North - Beneficiary research
Sammy Davies - Beneficiary research
Beth Webster
Mark Green

Two more people have joined the committee since that meeting - Hannah Goodman & Chloe O'Brien

The committee is not the be-all and end-all of the fund, the fund is a collective project that relies on input from all of Paul’s friends and family. Please send in any suggestions for fundraising ideas, charities to support, events, and anything else...

The full minutes from the meeting will be uploaded very soon, in the meantime here is a round-up of what we discussed for your reading pleasure. 

·         Website – Ruth Baker will work on updating the website regularly, and is looking into possible new layout ideas and email addresses.

·         Future fundraising ideas – mufti days, abseils, marathons, river runs and many more exciting events, including this year’s Pozfest!

·         Charities to support Overall it looks like we will be supporting one charity or project a year, this way we can make sure that the money raised is going to a wide variety of causes that reflect Paul and his spirit. This year’s cause is still being decided, so watch this space.

·         Memorials – including a tree that is being planted at South Dartmoor Community College, the re-planting of the tree Greener organised in Cornwall that was the victim of hungry cows and the bench that will be placed overlooking Porthcothan Beach and is being made by Joe Delfont.

The next meeting of the group has been pencilled in for 3rd July 2011, in the meantime if you have any ideas for the fund, the website or anything else, please email or suggestions).


New Year's Eve - Brrr...

Brrr was a great success, brilliantly organised and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Here are a few photos













































River Run

A group of intrepid outdoor pursuiters took part in the River Run on the River Dart on Saturday, August 28th 2010. The challenge was to see how far could you get down the river in an inflatable boat!  Seb Milton and Beth Webster were involved and made a collection for the Paulo Memorial Fund - £80.00 was collected. Well done. Hopefully we might have one or two photos soon.


Bench position

We now have a location for the memorial bench seat overlooking Porthcothan Bay. The bench seat is to be made by Joe Delfont.


Birthday gather photos

A small selection of photos from Paul's birthday gather at Porthcothan are now in the gallery.


Chicks with Sticks

Chicks with Sticks gave the Paulo award to Lisa Jones at their recent event in Newquay - she had been on the surf sistas week and showed a great deal of enthusiasm at the man auction! She won a girls surf and pilates holiday to France and was super stoked.


Paul's birthday

A superb gathering at Porthcothan in honour of Paul's birthday - toasting, surfing, singing, tree planting, wreath floating... well done and thankyou to all who attended or sent their thoughts/love.


Stickers & badges

There are still PB surfboard stickers (stick them anywhere and everywhere!) and badges available, as well as some limited edition POZFEST badges.... They are available from the Brewers for a suggested donation of £1 each.



Pozfest proved to be an amazing event organised by some pretty amazing people. It ran from Friday July 16th to Sunday July 18th.  A selection of photographs are available to view in the gallery.



Pozfest 2010


On the 16th July at The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight, over 500 people came together to pay tribute to Paulo at the Festival created in his name. Pozfest, a small, boutique music festival started on Friday evening with a P themed fancy dress party. Pencils, Priests, Peas, Pat Sharps, Pimps, Prom Queens, Pavlovas, to name but a few, filled the main field.

The Box Collective tent kept people dancing all weekend long with their dance tunes, as well as hosting some great acoustic acts and a cinema screening of ‘Big Fonts Large Spacing' from the 2D Cinema.

 Late into the night the more adventurous Pozfesters could be found in the enchanted forest where the Sssh…ed hosted their secret disco. An array of lasers, strobes and U.V paints turned the woodland into a mini rave with a giant multi coloured paddling pool bringing people together in the centre.

 The music on the main stage opened with local singer songwriter Harry Wavell, and thanks to the exceptional organization from Will and Taz the music flowed seamlessly all weekend. Other acts at the festival included The Sweetspots, Barbosa, Scru love, Hedluv + Passman, James Marren, October, Lazy Talk, Redderstare and many more.

 Saturday brought yet more heat and sunshine and a feeling that people had really started to settle into the friendly and magical Pozfest vibe. All day long Pozfesters could be seen honing their hula hoping skills, taking part in a civilised game of tennis, gathering round the straw P in the main field whilst supping a local ale or chilling in the shade of the wishing den. The idyllic Saturday afternoon slowly transformed into the classy cocktail party as the fancy dress was replaced by stylish black tie and elegant dresses. This sophisticated mood held for the evening and ended with some impromptu music round the fire and acoustic karaoke fuelled with spicy brandy chai hosted by Jess, Emily, Emily and Ruth at the Chai Sharona tent.

 Saturday night rolled into Sunday and a sprightly few could be seen stretching and teasing with Pip and Jules, as the morning’s yoga class got under way. Other less energetic folk enjoyed a well-deserved fry-up and Bloody Mary from the bar. The last of the festival fun was squeezed out of the afternoon and in the glorious sunshine on Sunday afternoon, the Kooks rocked out the main tent as the festival came to a perfect close.

 All proceeds from the festival have gone to Paulo’s Memorial Fund and a total sum of  £1428.00 was raised from the event.
 Jo Boswell


The Big Friday

The Big Friday Surf Travel Company stage surf film nights in London. Entry is free but a collection is made for a particular charity. Big Friday has decided that their chosen charity this year will be the Paulo Memorial Fund. The first film night was on May 12th and £210.00 was collected. Another two have been held and a further £224.00 has gone into the Memorial Fund.
Thank you Kate Czuczman.


Other Memorials

Please take a look at our Other Memorials page to see a list of all the other things put in place in memory of Paul.


Festival PSB

A surf, environment (beach cleaning) and music festival was held in Paul's name as a tribute to him in Taghazout. This was set up by Abdellah El Ghazai, a good of Surf Maroc. Abdellah is a great guy who is responsible for cleaning the beaches around Villa Mandela with the teams of youngsters he gathers from nearby villages. He has set up a very basic surf and sports club, 'Le Club Royale Solidaire de Surf', which he runs voluntarily and gives youngsters from poor families the chance to surf and learn a variety of sports like; tennis, football, martial arts etc. In return for the competitions and sports instruction they receive, he organises desperately needed beach cleaning days, where teams of kids clean up the beach. Paul showed an interest in what he did and met him a few times. They got to know each other towards the end of January and Paul wanted to spend his days off helping Abdellah with the activities he organised for the kids. Paul asked John (friend from America) to bring boards and wetsuits from America for the club, which they now use. Abdellah has never forgotton Paul's kind and warm hearted intentions and put this festival on in Paul's name. The festival was a great success with a surf competition, music and dancing, some theatre and of course beach cleaning!


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