PMF supports 'Faces of Warm Current'

The Warm Current logoPaulo’s Memorial Fund is supporting ‘Faces of Warm Current’

‘Warm Current’ is a charity set up by a group of three friends (one of whom is John Koenig – a great friend of Paul’s from university). Whilst travelling the trio experienced a sadly familiar sight: loads of people who loved the water (or would love to know it) but simply couldn’t afford access. They also realised that people often left old wetsuits in cupboards or simply threw them away needlessly– so they decided to create a solution to solve both problems – Warm Current.

The non-profit aims to teach, inspire and support underserved communities and youth through surfing.They provide access to the ocean and encourage the pure joy of ocean sports, an appreciation of the environment and community involvement. They collect donated wetsuits at locations throughout Oregon, California, and Washington, and then distribute these wetsuits to different organizations and individuals in communities who are in need, both locally and worldwide.

Warm Current’s Goals:

    * Increase access to outdoor recreation opportunities for underprivileged individuals
    * Increase environmental awareness and stewardship within the communities we work with
    * Decrease the amount of “waste” generated by the outdoor community

The Faces of Warm Current trailerThe Faces of Warm Current

Warm Current have launched ‘Faces of Warm Current’ – for a minimum $5 donation you can upload a square containing your message or photo that will populate a large mosaic on the side of the Warm Current surf camp trailer. The money raised will be used to buy new kids surfboards, wetsuits and a trailer. The trailer (and your square) will be at all Warm Current events.

At the last Paulo’s Memorial Fund Committee meeting (3 July 2011), the group decided to donate $1,000 to the project – around £650.

It was agreed that not only did the Warm Current project do amazing work that represented and fulfilled the aims of the Paulo Memorial Fund, but also that the personal link was very fitting. John Koenig (Kansas John) had never surfed before meeting Paul in Swansea during his year abroad. John fell in love with the ocean in this year and was inspired by his new found passion, and by his friendship with Paul, to move to Oregon, surf more, and ultimately to start a project such as this.

Find out more, or make your own donation at Faces of Warm Current or check out the Warm Current website.


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