Funds find a good home - in Morocco

Paulo’s Memorial Fund is donating £5,000 towards buying equipment for the Club Royal de Surf Solidaire in Morocco!Abdellah and some of the kids

THERE IS NOW A CHANGE OF PLAN. The purchase of a mini bus has proved too complex and too expensive. In consultation with the club the greatest help would be to purchase a range of equipment for the children and young people in the club - surf boards ( a mixture of foamies, swell boards and sturdy boards), wetsuits (a range of sizes from small to large) stationary fror schooling, art materials and musical instruments. The plan is to gather the equipment over here and then take it in a van or trailer to the Club Royale, spend a couple of days with the kids and then travel back to the UK. We think the return trip will take about a week and we plan to start on March 31st 2012.

Club Royal de Surf Solidaire is based on Banana Beach, near one of the Surf Maroc (the company Paul worked for) sites. Run by Abdellah, the club is a gathering place for local kids who in exchange for beach cleaning, get to learn to suSome of the club's surfboardsrf and take part in other activities. Most of the kids come from very poor families, and Abdellah also feeds and looks after them - it is a place of sanctuary for local children.

This project represents many of Paul’s values, as well as his interest in surfing. The club encourages people to fulfil potential alongside overcoming possible barriers such as background and poverty.

Paul was going to start volunteering with Abdellah at the club on his days off - to able to continue to support the project with funds raised in his name is both relevant anThe kids doing a beach cleand poignant.

Surf Maroc have worked with the club for a few years, and support them with sponsorship.  Their help in Morocco will be invaluable and allow us to get regular feedback on the project and make sure all is going smoothly.

You can find more information about the money PMF has raised on the donations page.


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