Sad news about the memorial bench at Porthcothan



The beautiful bench beforeOn March 31st 2011, five of us installed Joe Delfont's beautifully designed and handcrafted bench, made from green oak and chestnut, on private land overlooking Porthcothan Bay as a memorial to our son, Paul Simon Brewer. Paul was tragically killed in a road accident in March 2010 whilst in Morocco.  Porthcothan Bay was where Paul spent every summer as a child and where he learnt to surf, a sport in which he became accomplished and had a passion for up until his untimely death. The bench is on private land which has a public right of way over it, namely the coastal path. 

Countless numbers of people have been to sit on the bench, admire the craftsmanship and the wonderful view from it. His family and friends enjoyed the uniqueness of the bench, which reflected Paul's own unique character, charm and infectious spirit which made such an impression on so many people. A line from a poem that was written for Paul by Allan Sutton was due to be hand-carved on the seat “ And all who were touched feel the beat still resounding, still rounding the earth, a perpetual wave...”

The bench after the mutilationOn December the 27th or 28th 2011 someone who obviously thinks they are above the law, has no care or understanding of Paul's family and friends, inexplicably and arrogantly sawed off the three uprights from the bench, the centre one held the memorial plaque, which was cut from the wood and left under the bench, the sawn off wood was nowhere to be seen. 

Reactions from Paul's friends and family sum up the effect this senseless act has had on the wide range of people who knew and loved Paul and enjoyed the bench as a way to honour his memory. 

"So sad to hear this -I don't understand how anyone could have so little understanding in what effect this could have on Paul's loved ones - hopefully one day this person will feel some remorse xx" - Fiona 

''Premeditated and senseless, what could they possibly gain from that. Bewildered and saddened." - Peter

The bench as it sadly is now''I really hope something can be done to repair the beautiful bench. I was seriously impressed with the craftsmanship and wow what a view! We must not let an idiotic vandal spoil our enjoyment of it. Keep me updated and I hope that nothing like that ever happens again.'' - Steve

''absolutely staggering. There are some awful people around. We are so sorry to hear this. will be thinking of u all as always.'' - Dave and Di

Why someone decided to do this is beyond our understanding, if they wanted to hurt and offend a lot of people, they have succeeded.

Peter Brewer




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